common questions

Where can the stove be placed?

The stove can be placed almost anywhere. In your house, apartment, office or in other public environments. This is because it does not require a chimney and thus no installation. No permit is required for these stoves either.

What do you fire with?

The stove is intended to be fired with so-called biofuel. This can be ordered directly on our website. When the biofuel is burned, only carbon dioxide and water vapor are formed, which makes it completely harmless to both people and the environment. However, the biofuel must be stored in a fireproof place. Please note that you are absolutely not allowed to burn paper or the like in the stove. It is only intended for biofuels.

Does it get hot just like when you burn wood?

Of course, the stove emits heat. The stoves from Skill Factory have a heat output of up to 1.65 kW / h depending on the burner type. In short, you can say that the stove is a good complement to the room's regular heating.

Can the stove be flammable?

The fire burns protected inside the stove, which means that it is not flammable. On the other hand, the stoves become very hot on the outside, which you as a customer must keep in mind when placing your stove. The stove must not be covered or placed less than 1 meter from flammable materials such as curtains, furniture and the like.

How do I mount my stove?

If you have bought a wall-mounted stove, instructions / recommendations on how to install it are included. A wall-mounted model must be securely fastened with the enclosed screw / plug. Be sure to find out what type of wall you have and then follow the instructions provided. All our models are built with a so-called air flap at the back, which means that air passes and in this way also cools to a certain extent. If you have chosen a table or a floor model from Skill Factory, make sure that it is placed on an even surface so that it is stable.

How do I light my stove?

Fill the container with fuel to begin with. Do not add more than 1 cm to the upper edge of the container. Be careful not to spill anything outside the container. Should this still happen, then wipe it up with a clean cloth. With the burner's sliding lid, you will then be able to adjust the flame. When lighting your stove, you should use a long fire lighter or a fire lighter with storm igniter function. This can be ordered on our website. Always allow the fuel to burn out completely before refilling. Wait at least 15 minutes before refueling the tank. You must never refuel while it is burning as this carries a high risk of fire or burns. Note that it takes a few minutes before the flame burns completely.

How do I turn off my stove?

The only way to put out your stove is with the sliding lid. When this is pulled back / closed, the fire is simply suffocated. Remember to never leave the stove unattended when you fire and note that you must never use water to put out the fire in your stove.

What is needed for maintenance on the stove?

The stove's fuel tanks are made of stainless steel. This should be cleaned regularly to keep it in good condition. The fireplace may only be cleaned when it is not in operation.

Do as follows:

• Clean the outside of the stove with a slightly damp cloth
• Wipe the burner with kitchen paper

How long does it burn?

1 liter of biofuel burns for about 4 hours. This depends on the burner and the size of the flame. On most models from Skill Factory, you have a significantly longer burning time.

What does it cost to fire in the stove?

A wonderfully flaming fire in your stove does not cost much more than lighting a fire in a customary open stove. The consumption cost for a cozy hour in front of the chimney-free stove amounts to approximately 10SEK depending on the size of the flame.

Where are the stoves manufactured?

All stoves are manufactured by Icotron AB. The company is located in Skillingaryd. We are proud to offer a completely Swedish-made stove.

What do I do if I get a defect in my product?

Should you have problems with your product from Skill Factory, you should contact us at or turn to the store where you have purchased your product. We provide a 1-year warranty on the stove itself and the burner. This applies provided that the product is handled in accordance with recommendations. Be sure to save your receipt as this is valid as a guarantee certificate if an error occurs.